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POUCHULU - THE COMPLETE WORKS - The CHRONOS page in this section contains the complete list of architectural designs made by Patricio Pouchulu since 1980. Projects in dark blue are published and appear like: "/ 2002 GEM Grand Egyptian Museum, Giza". Projects in light grey have no link and they are not published, for example: "/ 2001 Auditorio Maximo, Buenos Aires". Each decade: "/ ←1980's /". Please note the projects list has an upwards, right to left order. Patricio Pouchulu's complete works comprises more than 200 projects. Half of them are diverse preliminary schemes, the other half highly developed projects in different degrees, including built projects (private houses, transformations, council works) and private or open international competitions. There are more than 50 published in detail, and 1.000 images. New projects and information are added annually.


THE CATALOGUE - Pouchulu's drawings and plans are catalogued using the system: XYY.### (where X: code, Y: Year, two digits; #: Numbered sheet/drawing/plan, P: Projects, D: Drawings not referring to projects, M: Models). The Pouchulu Archive holds around 2.500 catalogued drawings, including schemes on drawing pads, Moleskine agendas, A4 sheets, various sizes, hand made perspectives, pencil plans, ink plans on tracing paper (1980-today) and digital plans (2000-today). The Archive also contains photos of study and final models and photographs. In a few cases one drawing or plan has two catalogue numbers, for example when a project has it origin in an older drawing.


FOR PUBLISHERS - If you are a journalist or publisher requiring publication images for printed magazines or books, we can provide you with high-resolution 300 dpi JPG digital pictures. If your enquiry deals with non published projects please contact us. Pouchulu's hand-made drawings are preserved for posterity; they are kept under temperature and humidity conditions. Digital and hard copies are also recorded and kept. Pouchulu does not receive any state or private funding assistance whatsoever. Therefore to manipulate original stuff is a classified operation. Catalogued original drawings are not available to the public. For legal issues, web publishing or copyright disclosure, you can send an email at: architect@pouchulu.com